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TSS Youth Sailing, Inc.
TSS Youth Sailing, Inc.

TSS Youth Sailing, Inc.

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Not just for kids, anymore!  Adults and families, too! 

Interested in learning to sail or sailing better?

Sail with us!

Sunfish and  "Big Boat" classes

with our U.S. Sailing certified instructors.  

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SUNFISH classes - You're at the helm!  Small boats are a great way to learn! 

Learn sail trim and crew skills. Sail with family and friends!

SPINDRIFT 22 is sailed by a crew of 3 or 4, with a jib or genoa (foresail) and a mainsail.  

J24s are usually raced by a crew of 4, with a jib or genoa (foresail), a mainsail and a spinnaker.

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INTRO TO RACING or IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS. Practice for Portsmouth racing (many types of boats sailing against each other) or One Design Fleet racing. Use our boats or yours.

Need coaching on your boat?  Practice a skill, i.e., docking, anchoring, mooring.  

Contact Us to let us know you're interested in scheduling a class.

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Our classes, in general:  Everyone gets the Red Cross/US Sailing book and there is some homework involved, but the majority of class time is on the water, not ashore. You are expected to help rig the boat for sailing and store the boat after and there is a list of stuff to bring (lunch, drinks, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses & tether, shoes). PFDs are required and we recommend a close fitting type that doesn't rise above your shoulders when you sit down.
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Most sailors want our weekend classes, but we can do certain classes on weekdays.
We can schedule a Sunfish class on just about any weekend. These small boats are great for learning, because they are very responsive and give you immediate feedback. You are singlehanding, reading the wind, trimming the sails and maneuvering the boat. Some dexterity is required for the Sunfish and we will practice capsize and recovery. Our Sunfish classes are 12 hours, usually 4 hours on 3 days or 3 hours on 4 days.  The cost is $300 per sailor. These classes are in Bal Harbor.
Also on the weekend, we can schedule Lyda and her Spindrift 22 for a class of 2 or 3.  $300 per sailor for a 12 hour class, from 9 to 3 on Saturday and Sunday. Her curriculum follows and it is very hands-on.  She rescued and rebuilt her boat for cruising and she races on others. She's knowledgable, skilled, personable and a great teacher. She is also US Sailing certified as a small boat instructor. Her classes go from TSS, through the channel and into the Bay. 
Lyda's note to students: 
This is our curriculum for the weekend. We will be on the water almost immediately, but I will modify the curriculum as weather and progress permit.
·Gear checklist
·Know the boat
·Rigging the boat
·Getting under way – leaving the dock
·Steering the boat – tiller
·Directions – on a boat, looking around
·Courtesy at sea – navigation and rules of the road
·Wind awareness, tide and current
·Points of sail
·Let’s go sailing
·Getting out of irons
·Safety position   ·Heave to
·Sail trim     ·Upwind – tacking     ·Downwind – jibing
·Safety – man overboard
·Let’s go back  ·Ship shape
·Fun stuff   ·Knots   ·Coiling and throwing a line

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Contact us for info and schedule.